New Accordions

We are delighted to represent the Top of the Line Accordions

"Siwa & Figli"

made in Castelfidardo, Ancona, Italy.

Rest assure you will rceive the best knowledge, customer service,  prices and warranty on every New, Pre-owned & Pre-restored accordion of our inventory.  



End  of  the  Year  Special  Sale !

New Accordions

Siwa & Figli - Super Quattro Artist White Star  

"Special Elegant 30th. Anniversary Gold Plated Edition"

 White Accordion, Super Quattro Artist, Siwa & Figli for sale
White Accordion, Super Quattro Artist, Professional Accordions


  • Notes: Nacre (Pearl) 41 F/A (Full Size)

  • Reeds: 4 LMMH (*BINCI Hand Made)

  • Registers: 13 + Master Palm

  • Basses: Nacre (Pearl)120

  • Reeds: 5 (BINCI Hand Made)

  • Registers: 9

  • Double Tone Chamber: (Cassotto) LM1 "Made of solid Mahogany"

  • Bass Tone Chamber

  • Tuning: Concert/Piccolo (Dry)

  • Accordion body made of Mahogany wood covered in White Nacre (Pearl) celluloid

  • All metal Plated in Gold

  • Special White/Gold Bellows

  • DeLuxe leather/leather shoulder & bass straps with Siwa & Figli gold name printed 

  • DeLuxe case with wheels w/two keys

  • Weight: 27 lbs

  • Three (3) years of Limited Warranty

We are extremely happy to present this Brand New

Super Quattro Artist White Star

"Special Elegant 30th. Anniversary Gold Plated Edition"


This is the Top of the Line of the professional accordions made by 

Siwa & Figli factory in Castelfidardo, Italy.


For more than 30 years, Siwa & Figli have built professional 

accordions with the highest quality standards, typical of the best accordions of 

the Golden Era of the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's, paying the most attention to the specially aged woods, the best handmade reeds and the best building techniques to create an amazing sound and accordion quality. 


Today, Siwa & Figli is one of the very few "Top High Quality" 

Accordion Brands in the World!

"I personally Love the Siwa & Figli Super Quattro Artist White Star, the way is built, its sound, its character, its personality,

and the amazing presence, make it my favorite Accordion to play my repertoire in front of my special audience!"


Pablo De Vincenzo

Founder & Owner of Accordions by De Vincenzo


"Special Web Discount" of $1,000.00 OFF from retail price.


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"Accordions by De Vincenzo, LLC will donate 5% of your accordion purchase, to Touch of Love foundation"Click here for more information"

Siwa & Figli Super Quattro "Special Compact Edition" 

Unique Showroom DEMO model!

S&F Super Quattro Compact.jpg
Super Quattro Compact.jpg


  • Notes: Nacre/Pearl 41 F/A (full size)

  • Reeds: 4 LMMH (Siwa & Figli Hand Made)

  • Registers: 13 + Master 

  • Basses: Nacre/Pearl 120

  • Reeds: 5 (Siwa & Figli Hand Made) 

  • Bass Tone Chambered

  • Registers: 8

  • Tuning: Concert/Piccolo (Dry)

  • Compact Body made of Mahogany & Cedar Wood, covered with "Black Celuloide" 

  • DeLuxe leather/velvet shoulder straps & bass straps with Siwa & Figli name printed

  • Thick padded bellows protector

  • DeLuxe case

  • Show Room DEMO Model

  • Weight: 25 lbs

  • Two (2) years of limited warranty

The Super Quattro Compact is the Best Professional accordion without tone chamber made by Siwa & Figli factory in Castelfidardo, Italy.  


For more of 35 years, Siwa & Figli have built professional 

accordions with the highest quality materials, best internal geometry and best-aged woods available, creating one of the best accordions ever made.


Siwa & Figli factory is keeping the original accordion tradition alive!


This Beautiful and Elegant Super Quattro "Special Compact Edition" with Siwa & Figli reeds has a powerful, refined & balanced sound, ergonomic body proportions, and lightweight, due to the Mahogany and Cedar woods, combined with its

"Black Mirror Piano Finish" it is a real "Hand Made Work of Art".


These accordions are New instruments that have been used for test demos in our showroom and played in few promotional events. They may have very small scratches, and/or esthetics imperfections.

DEMO accordions have been checked and tested inside and outside to ensure that every part (acoustic and mechanics)

are working as factory specifications.


"Special Web Discount" of $500.00 OFF from the retail price

+ DEMO Accordion Discount $500.00 OFF


Total discount of $1,000.00 OFF


We accept all major credit cards via PayPal Invoice.

Please Contact Us to know our "Special Discounted" price!

"Accordions by De Vincenzo, LLC will donate 5% of your accordion purchase,

to Touch of Love foundation"Click here for more information"

Accordion repair, restoration, and tuning by the ​Founder Pablo De Vincenzo



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