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Pre-Owned Beltuna Euro IV

Beltuna Euro IV, Italian Accordion, Hand Made
Beltuna Euro IV, Italian Accordion, Hand Made

Professional "Beltuna Euro IV"


The Euro IV is the Best Professional accordion without tone chamber (cassotto), made by Beltuna factory in Castelfidardo, Italy, at the beginning of the decade of the 2000's.


For over 40 years, Beltuna has built professional accordions with
-quality materials and stunning designs.


Beltuna is one of the few accordion factories in Italy producing
high-quality professional accordions; their slogan is: 

"Sounds & Emotions"


This Beautiful and Elegant Euro IV has a powerful projection and beautiful sound, and lightweight for its full size, which combined with its red bellows, it is a really appealing and pleasant accordion to play.


 This Euro IV comes equipped with these features:


*Fast, Responsive and Quiet keyboard and bass actions

*Soft and Fast Master Palm register

*Beautiful Italian, French, and German Musette Tuning; deep Bassoon and clear Clarinet

*Super efficient "Beltuna Hand Made" reeds

*Complete "airtight" compression 

*Strong sound projection

*Thick Italian padded De Luxe leather/velvet shoulder straps & bass straps with Beltuna logo printed

*New Bellows protector

*Extra padded Original Italian case to protect the accordion

  • Notes: Nacre/Pearl 41 F/A (19.25")

  • Reeds: 4 LMMM (Beltuna Hand Made)

  • Registers: 9 + Palm Master 

  • Basses: Nacre/Pearl 120

  • Reeds: 5 (Beltuna Hand Made)

  • Registers: 4 + Mute

  • Tuning: (Wet) Italian, French, and German Musette

  • Weight: 24.5 lbs

  • Pristine condition

  • One (1) year of limited warranty


Pre-owned accordions are used instruments that have been used for one or more owners during the life of the accordion. They may have wear and tear, showing small 

scratches, dents, and/or 

esthetics imperfections, and minor interior repairs or restorations as well.  The accordions have been checked, tested and served inside and outside to ensure that every part (acoustic and mechanics)

are working as factory specifications.


"Special Discounted Price" $4,195.00

if you pick up the accordion in Miami, FL 33196

$4,395.00 with ground shipping & handling included within the US


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