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  • What sets Scandalli accordions apart from other brands in the market?
    Scandalli Accordions distinguish themselves through a legacy of attention to detail on the four pillars of an accordion: Acoustic, Mechanics, Aesthetics, and Dynamics, all with meticulous craftsmanship, innovative design, and a commitment to superior tonal quality. With a rich history dating back to the early 1900s, our instruments blend tradition and modernity, offering musicians a unique and exceptional musical experience. Explore our range, including the Scandalli Air, Tradition, Tierra, Intense Wood, or Conservatory accordions, to discover the perfect harmony of precision, durability, and musical excellence that sets Scandalli apart in the accordion market.
  • Are these new accordions suitable for beginners or more geared towards experienced players?
    Scandalli Accordions cater to a diverse range of musicians, making them suitable for both beginners and experienced players alike. Our instruments are designed to provide a seamless and enjoyable playing experience for those embarking on their musical journey while meeting the high standards expected by seasoned professionals. Explore our range from an AIR Junior to an EXTREME to find the perfect accordion that suits your skill level and musical aspirations, combining quality craftsmanship with versatility for musicians at every stage of expertise.
  • Do you offer warranties or after-sales support for your accordions?
    At Accordions by De Vincenzo, your musical journey is safeguarded with tailored warranty coverage. Each pre-owned accordion carries a specific limited warranty from three to twelve months, ensuring both quality and enduring performance. For new accordions, the factory commitment extends to a robust 3-year limited warranty, providing extended protection and support for a worry-free musical performance. Beyond exceptional instruments, I invite you to explore our collection and play with confidence. Your investment transcends the instrument—it's a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that defines the essence of Accordions by De Vincenzo.
  • How frequently should I maintain or service my new accordion?
    It is recommended to schedule regular maintenance for your new accordion to ensure optimal performance and longevity. For most players, an annual maintenance check is sufficient to address any potential issues, such as tuning, air leaks, mechanical calibrations and moving parts lubrication. However, the frequency of service may vary based on factors like playing intensity and environmental conditions. Protecting your accordion from rust is crucial to ensure the longevity of it. Paying attention to your instrument's condition and seeking professional servicing when needed will help keep your Scandalli accordion in peak playing condition, preserving its quality and ensuring a long and satisfying musical experience.
  • How do your accordion tuning and repair services work?
    At Accordions by De Vincenzo, the accordion tuning and repair services commence with a meticulous inspection, offering you the option to either ship your cherished instrument or personally bring it to me. As a skilled artisan, I use the same tools and parts used in the Scandalli factory. I intricately examine both the exterior and interior, providing you with a set of no less than a hundred pictures taken, plus a detailed report that unveils every nuance of your accordion's condition. This transparent document includes my professional insights and a breakdown of the meticulous repair costs. At the end of the report, I present a total restoration price, empowering you to make an informed decision about your instrument's journey to renewal. Per your request, I will include an actual value of the instrument and a value projection as the accordion was already restored with the items on the list presented to you in the Accordion Condition Report. My unwavering commitment to quality restoration, coupled with clear communication and masterful craftsmanship, ensures your accordion will be gracefully brought back to its optimal state. When you choose Accordions by De Vincenzo for accordion restoration, repair, and tuning, you will have an experience that embodies transparency, expertise, and my dedication to your satisfaction.
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