Pre-Restoration Accordions

S p e c i a l     S a l e !

Buy our Pre-Restore accordions and save $500.00

When you buy a Pre-Restored accordion, your accordion will receive 

the Restoration Package.

The restoration will give decades of new life to your accordion,

and you will enjoy the fresh look and sound of it!


  • Complete cleaning and polish, inside and outside

  • Complete cleaning and lubrication of all mechanical and moving parts

  • Complete cleaning of the treble and bass reeds. If the reeds required restoration, we will remove them from the reed block and reinstall with new and fresh wax.

  • Complete tuning as original factory specifications or as the client wish, Concert (Dry) or Musette (Wet)

  • Accessories: 

  • New shoulder straps

  • New bass strap

  • New bellow protector (back pad)

  • New bellow straps

  • New travel/gig bag (Optional)

  • 1 to 3 months of limited warranty on the internal reeds work and tuning

Hand Made in Italy 41/120 - 3/5 set of reeds - 22 lbs



Hand Made in Italy 41/120 - 2/4 set of reeds LM - 17 lbs

"Small and Light BELSONO"


Hand Made in Italy 41/120 - 4/5 set of reeds - 22 lbs


Hand Made in Italy 41/120 - 4/5 set of reeds - 26 lbs

"Unique SETTIMIO SOPRANI Ampliphonic Lido"


Hand Made in Germany 45/182 FREE BASS - 30 lbs

5/4 set of reeds

"Original HOHNER Morino VI M"


Call us to give you all the details and the

Discounted Price on each accordion.

1 (305) 428 3740


Phone Number: 305-428-3740


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